Excerpts from letters to the editor about why New Mexicans are supporting Ben Ray Luján

In the final weeks of the election, voters across New Mexico have written to their local papers about why Ben Ray is the best choice for New Mexico’s future.

Read excerpts from some of our favorite letters below, and learn more about our campaign by visiting benraylujan.com.

“I’M …. PROUD to endorse a candidate for the U.S. Senate. I voted for Ben Ray Lujan. It was an easy choice.

Background; I hired Mark Ronchetti from Grand Junction in the late ’90s. That’s when Mark moved…

New Mexico deserves strong leaders at every level of government who will work to build a bright future for our state. This election cycle, I’m proud to endorse a strong collection of candidates with the vision and drive to move New Mexico forward. Learn more about my endorsed candidates below.

In New Mexico, service is in our blood. For generations, our young men and women have fought bravely in our most storied battles and ascended to the highest levels of the military brass.

We owe our freedom to these heroes, and when they come home, it’s our responsibility to ensure that their futures are bright. During my time in public service, it has been my honor to work on behalf of New Mexico’s veterans and to bring their voices into the halls of Congress.

I’m especially proud of the victories that I’ve been able to win for New Mexico veterans…

Campaigning during a global pandemic is a whole different ballgame. There’s no canvassing. No rallies. None of the handshakes or hugs or shared meals that build connections during normal times.

But despite these challenges, Ben Ray has still made it a priority to ensure that voters can hear first-hand from him about the issues that define our campaign. In May, our campaign launched a 33-county virtual road trip around New Mexico — and we just finished the final stop!

Ben Ray’s virtual road trip stop in Torrance County

From every corner of the state, Ben Ray heard from New Mexicans about their unique concerns and their priorities for the…

Today marks 100 days out from the most important election of our lifetime, and Team Luján is FIRED UP and ready!

Over the next 100 days, our staff and volunteers will continue to reach out to voters across New Mexico and build the foundation for big wins in November. Since this campaign launched last year, we’ve built a strong base of support in each of New Mexico’s 33 counties, with enthusiastic voters who represent the diversity that makes our state strong.

In honor of today’s 100-day milestone, we’ve asked 100 New Mexicans from around the state to share the reasons…

The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked New Mexico. Over the last four months, thousands have fallen ill and many of our friends, neighbors, and loved ones have been taken too soon.

All of us have had to adjust to a new way of living, and small businesses have struggled to survive in a transformed world.

But even in the midst of unprecedented challenges, New Mexicans have shown heroic resilience and a fierce resistance to despair. Across our state, communities have mobilized to launch food drives, support local businesses, and flatten the curve.

As we continue to hear good news about our…

Today, our campaign is proud to launch Educators for Ben, a community of leaders who know that Ben Ray Luján is the best choice to represent New Mexico’s students, families, and teachers in the U.S. Senate.

By sharing their experiences in their own words, we want to introduce you to a few of the educators who have joined our campaign as the leaders of Educators for Ben.

Ivonne Orozco

Ivonne Orozco is the 2018 New Mexico teacher of the year and a Spanish teacher in Albuquerque. …

Yesterday, New Mexico held a primary election that was unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Instead of holding joyful election night rallies, we mourned those we have lost.

Instead of looking to our president to bring Americans together, we gasped at the cruelty of attacks on peaceful protestors for an empty photo-op.

This is a trying and turbulent time for our communities. But still, I hold out hope.

On Monday, George Floyd’s brother visited the street corner where Floyd was killed. He urged Americans to “stop thinking that our voice don’t matter — and vote. Don’t wait for somebody else to…

Luis Luján, pictured during World War II.

Like so many of the young men he grew up with, my grandfather Luis Luján was proud to answer his nation’s call to serve during the Second World War.

When he was deployed to Europe, he left six children behind with another on the way. Growing up, I heard stories from his time in the foxholes of Germany, where he huddled with his fellow soldiers on freezing nights to stay warm.

Grandpa Luis was fortunate to return home, but he never forgot those who were lost on the field of battle. He and grandma Cleotilde instilled in my mom —…

Speaking at the Democratic Party of New Mexico’s 2020 Pre-Primary Convention

Welcome to our campaign Medium page!

Over the next six months of this election, this page will be a home for the people, policies, and ideas that drive our movement forward.

November’s election will be unlike any other, but the need for change in Washington has never been more clear. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, my campaign has heard from voters across New Mexico who are fired up and ready to connect with their neighbors online and find new ways to participate in democracy safely.

We’ve also heard countless stories about how New Mexicans have stepped up to…

Ben Ray Luján

Proud son of New Mexico and candidate for U.S. Senate.

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